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Lovely Website Design, Reliable Hosting and Friendly Support

Let’s have a chat.

First things first, let’s have a chat. You may already have a clear vision of what you need. Perhaps you’d like some inspiration? Let’s start creating something impressive.

All the ideas.

Ideas will flow and both the design and functionality will begin to crystallise. l’ll sketch out some design ideas and I can work with your feedback. The scope of the project will be roughly defined and we’ll be on our way.

Design time

I’ll polish up the design until you’re completely happy. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas around until it’s perfect. Maybe that full-page parallax slider that felt right on day one isn’t quite floating your boat. No worries, this is all part of the process.

Building site

It’s time for me to fire up the computer and get truckin’ on your site. I’ll keep you posted regularly so you’ll be confident I’m on the right track. You’re always welcome to give me a call if anything springs to mind.

Going online

When you’re perfectly happy, I’ll get your site live and plumbed in. Google will get a swift nudge from me and the SEO-optimised code will get you noticed.

Dandy Dan from Bugsy Malone didn’t know it but when he said “it’s gotta be good, it’s gotta be neat and it’s gotta be quick” he wasn’t just describing a custard pie hit but also the perfect website. The design needs to instantly communicate the sites purpose, be easy to navigate and appeal to its target audience.

With website design beauty really is only skin deep. The true value is behind the scenes. A good site must display perfectly on mobile, tablet, desktop and consistently across all major browsers. We should also ensure that your site will be accessible to the largest possible number of visitors.

These are the factors that help Google to rank your site effectively, improve your SEO and reduce the cost of any planned paid spend… although sometimes we do also need to give them a gentle nudge!

I have my preferences in terms of website build tools but can use most platforms – it really is all about what is best suited to your particular brief.